Your daughter is excited. She has a date with her first love. Mom helps her get ready in her favorite outfit and she looks beautiful. There’s no insecurity because she knows her date loves her unconditionally. She has known him her whole life. He is faithful, trustworthy, and fun. There’s a knock on the door, and she takes one last look in the mirror before answering. She opens the door, sees her date, and smiles, “Hi Daddy.” It may dawn on you, “The only guy I know that I can trust with this jewel is me.” Hopefully, there will be a guy you feel just as confident about at some point. But you can worry about that later because tonight it’s all about the two of you. Taking your daughter on dates is one of the most important things you can do for her. We want to help you plan a great time together. Here are 10 perfect daddy-daughter date ideas that will take her breath away.


  1. Take me out to the ballgame Spend a sunny afternoon at the ballgame, or a crisp fall Saturday at football. This is a great opportunity to share dad’s passion for sports with the kids while enjoying a seasonal tradition. Grab a hotdog and get there early to soak up the crowds.

2. Picnic in the Park Pack a lunch with crusty rolls, watermelon, and treats. Spread a blanket and dine al fresco. Bonus points for a game of catch or bubbles after lunch!

3. Sleepover under the stars Pitch a tent in the backyard and settle down for the night. Once it gets dark, check out all the amazing constellations in the night sky. Let’s see if you can make it until morning without going in the house!

4. Ice Cream Date Head to your favorite ice cream or froyo place, grab a treat and take a walk while you enjoy it.

5. A trip to the pet store (or zoo) Visiting the animals at the local zoo or neighborhood pet store is a perfect opportunity for learning about animals and their habits.

6. Nature hike Make it an adventure; grab maps, snacks for the road and see how many acorns/leaves/pretty stones you can find. Even more fun if you get a little “lost” at one point and need to consult the map!

7. Breakfast outing This date can even be done early morning before work and school! Even just grabbing bagels and coffee will be special when it’s just dad and the kids. 



8. Build something together Whether you are handy or not, it can be so much fun to build something with dad. If hammers and screws aren’t your friends, how about painting a birdhouse for the yard?

9. Do Her Favorite Thing Figure out her favorite activity, game, or sport. A date can be as simple as playing “horse” if she loves basketball or sitting at a park table making crafts.

10. Take Her Shopping Set the budget before you go. Perhaps it is even a no purchase shopping day or something small. When it comes to shopping, girls enjoy the journey as much as the item. The size of your credit card is not what communicates love, but your willingness to be in her world.